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Apr 22, 2014 9:00 AM

Mariposa Friends of the Fair Foundation Presentation by Kion Kashefi, President, Regarding the Inception of the Organization, Current Status and Forecasting (Supervisors Jones and Cann)


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Meeting History

Apr 22, 2014 9:00 AM Audio Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Kion Kashefi gave a PowerPoint presentation, with Carol Suggs/Friends of the Fairgrounds (FOF) volunteer assisting; and provided two flyers.

Public comment opened.

Wendy Brown-Barry inquired when the Fish and Game Flea Market is scheduled to occur. Brian Bullis responded from the audience that they have tentatively booked it.

Rick Benson inquired if they have banded together with other Fairgrounds in similar circumstances, and how was it going if they have. Mr. Kashefi responded that the FOF has not partnered up with anyone. Brian Bullis extended his thanks to the FOF.

Public comment closed.

Supervisor Bibby noted that some of what the governor has proposed is adequate for Fresno County, but not Mariposa County; discussed that from a Health and Safety standpoint you think there would be other fairgrounds in similar circumstances; and remarked that she didn't know where CAL FIRE would go without the Fairgrounds. Mr. Kashefi responded that they might have to think outside of the box.

Public comment reopened.

Karen Verdugo/member of the FOF and other non-profits noted that the Fairgrounds is crucial to the other non-profit groups who hold their funding events there.

Public comment closed.

Supervisor Jones extended his thanks for the presentation; noted that two years will go by quickly; and required clarification that the Fairgrounds must operate under State regulations but receives no funding from them. Mr. Bullis affirmed. Supervisor Jones expressed his support for the FOF.